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在这篇文章中,我们将介绍 below :一个用于现代 Linux 系统的 Apache 2.0 许可的资源监视器。 below 可以让你重放以前记录的数据。


I want to simply forward the RTP packet received from one IP:Port pair to another IP:Port pair. I have already done it with iptables. iptables use conntrack module. But there is no need of conntrack in my application. So I want to do it with stateless NAT. I have found that statless NAT rules can be executed with "ip route add nat" command e.g

ip route add nat via

This command tells the kernel to perform network address translation on any packet bound for The parameter via tells the NAT code to rewrite the packet bound for with the new destination address

As I understand, the problem is this will forward all packets bound for to Is there any option to forward RTP packets received on specific port of to another IP:Port?


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